How does a GFCI Work?

In this article, we'll review the process of resetting a GFCI.

A unique operational issue we often battle with on trailers and Pro-Flush systems is a tripped GFCI. A GFCI is a small device which is installed on a standard outlet and is used to sense fluctuation in electric currents. When a fluctuation occurs, it’s designed to quickly shut off the electrical current at the outlet, preventing dangerous shock injuries or fatal burns.

To reset the GFCI in these situations, you’ll want to first confirm there are no loose electrical components or connections that may have come in contact with water. Once everything checks out, you’ll need to hit the reset button on the duplex outlet. This should re-establish the electrical connections. If this does not rectify the issues, you’ll need to navigate to the main electrical panel to see if the breaker on the panel was also tripped. If the breaker doesn’t appear to be tripped and the outlet with the GFCI has been reset with no luck. There’s a good chance another outlet with a GFCI which may run in parallel with the electrical line may have also tripped. Please inspect all of the outlets to make sure they’ve all been reset. This should rectify the issue.