How to Complete Your Assigned Work

In this video, we're going to review the basics of being able to read and process your assigned work in the MobilePak app.


To get started, it’s important to note that there are some software limitations that we’re currently working through with the developers. Because of these limitations, drivers will still receive a paper copy of their work orders for reference. Until these issues are resolved with the developer, you will continue to get printed work orders to look at for reference.

With that in mind, let’s start by choosing a work order or a stop number from your assigned work in the left-hand column. Once selected, shift your attention to the right-hand side of the screen. This will provide a highlight of the work that will need to be performed including the quantities of units, the type of units, the type of service, and any other OPS notes that may have been entered when the order was taken or from other drivers who may have had this stop before you.

When on location, it’s important that you press “start” as soon as you arrive and then begin reviewing the notes and procedures before exiting the truck. Once reviewed, you may proceed with the work. Upon completion, you must add all your notes through the app. This will get your notes to the account quicker and prevent anything from being lost in translation. These notes also go straight to the work order and provide the necessary information to the billing team for billing the customer.

This is commonly entered as the work order code followed by the unit number. For example, DEL J104, SVC J104, and PU J104 means you delivered unit J104, serviced unit J104, or picked up unit J104.To add these notes, you’ll need to select the corresponding stop which is displayed on the left-hand column of the app. With the appropriate stop selected, navigate over to the right-hand side of the screen and click the “Add Note” button. You’ll then select custom note and enter the appropriate information. Please note, when entering a custom note, you’ll have a total of 42 characters to work with. When running low on room, please use shorthand or consider writing your notes on another piece of paper and then uploading a photo of those notes. Do NOT write your notes on your work orders and turn those into dispatch. They’ll no longer be reviewing printed work orders.

How to Add a Photo to an Account

To add a photo to an account, navigate to the corresponding account on the left-hand side of the screen. Once selected, look to the upper right-hand side of the screen where it says photos and click on it. This will open the camera so you can take and upload photos accordingly. Taking photos is now required when you need to provide proof that a unit was delivered, a site is locked, a car is blocking you, a vehicle is blocking a unit, a unit is damaged, or any other reason a particular task can’t be completed. Please be sure to take photos from a position that allows the customer to easily identify where the unit was placed should they call in with questions.

Keep in mind, these pictures are automatically uploaded to Softpak and are accessible to anyone in the company, including customers when they login into their customer portal to pay their bill. Please be as objective and professional when snapping photos.

How to Receive Additional Work

Periodically throughout your work day, dispatch may need to send you additional work orders that may have come in for emergency stops or your help may be needed to help cover one of your co-worker’s routes.  Previously when these circumstances would arise, dispatch would have to call you and feed you the details over the radio.  This method proved to be difficult and very time consuming for both the driver and the dispatch.  Thankfully, each tablet has the ability for the dispatcher to send additional work to your tablet as needed.  When new work is sent your way, dispatch will still try to reach you to let you know of a new stop.  They’ll then send the new work order directly to your tablet which will display a brief pop-up notification on your screen that says new work has been dispatched to your device. You’ll then need to re-sequence that new work order accordingly.

How to Log Out

Congratulations, you’ve completed your assigned work, at this time you need to contact dispatch to let them know you are done and verify that there isn’t any additional work for you. They will give you the ok to head in if there is nothing else at that time. During this time, please continue to keep your tablet online while also staying connected inside the Mobilepak app.  You’ll then proceed back to your branch for the day.  Once you arrive back to your branch, please proceed with your post-trip paperwork and take your tablet back into the office with you.  Once you’ve returned to the office, you can log out of the application for the day.  To do this, you’ll want to make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and then click the back button which is the hard button on the side of the tablet that returns you to the login/logout screen and select logout. If the screen prompts that you are logging out of has unfinished work, you’ll need to verify that with dispatch before proceeding.  Once logged out, you can then turn in your tablet and your paperwork for the day.