How to Connect to Your Truck WiFi

In this video, we're going to review how to connect your tablet to your truck's built-in wifi network.

To begin, verify that your tablet is powered up and that your truck is started, as this will activate your truck’s built-in wi-fi settings.

With both the tablet and truck powered up, navigate to your tablet’s home screen. Next, slide down from the top of your tablet by placing your finger on the top of the screen and pulling down. This will pull down the device’s system preferences. With the preference menu open, tap the wi-fi icon, the button with three lines that form an upside-down triangle, on the left side of the menu. This will open the tablet’s wi-fi settings and a list of available networks will be displayed. To connect to the appropriate network, look for the network that’s labeled WILS followed by your truck number. For this example, we see WILS2014, which lets us know we’re attempting to connect to truck 2014’s Wi-Fi.

Note, when attempting to connect in the yard, you may see quite a few different networks, as various truck networks will be nearby. Knowing this, it’s important that you always verify that you’re connected to the appropriate truck network. Once the appropriate network is selected, enter the Wi-Fi network password, which is the word “Location” spelled with a capital L. Go ahead and type that password in and click “ok.” This should automatically connect the tablet to your truck’s network. Confirm it’s connected by looking to the upper right hand of your device and seeing that the wi-fi icon is indeed present.

Please note, over time the tablets will begin to save the various networks and passwords.  This means that when you’re parked in the yard, it may attempt to connect to a different truck’s WiFi.  Before leaving the yard, verify that you’re connected to the appropriate truck WiFi.  You’ll also need to update your wi-fi settings every time you change from one truck to the next.

Once connected, you can go ahead and open the MobilePak app and begin your day.