How to Enter Authorization Notes

In this video, we'll review the proper way to enter authorization notes in the MobilePak app.


On occasion, you may need to skip a service due to a locked gate, limited access, or even a blocked unit.  If any of these issues were to arise, you’ll first need to contact dispatch to let them know of the issue and they’ll attempt to contact the customer.  If they’re unable to reach the customer, they’ll present you with an authorization code that you’ll need to enter into the system.

To do this, you’ll need to click the “add note” button, located on the right-hand side of your screen then press “Custom Note”.  This will open a pop-up window where you’ll proceed to type out the authorization code that dispatch provided. You’ll then press “ok.”  This will close the note window.  It’s also recommended that you attach any photos of the issue to the account by removing your table from the truck and clicking the “photos” link from the upper right-hand corner. This will then allow you to take pictures from the tablet and upload them directly to the account for dispatch and the customer to see.  Once you’ve uploaded a picture, you’ll then proceed to press the skip button, followed by the word “Authorization”.

The work will then disappear, and you’ll proceed to your next stop.  Please note, you’ll only need to enter authorization note to the restroom service line item.  There is no need to enter authorization codes for the hand sanitizer service, and any other services that you may be skipping.

It is not necessary to enter the auth code for each line. It only needs to be entered once and for the other lines they can just click skip and authorization. The custom note goes onto the entire account not the individual line item.