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How to Fix a Door Spring

We'll review how to fix a door spring.


So the first part to replace a broken door spring is I need to remove the old damaged part. So I'm going to remove the piece here from inside the restroom where the cable connects to the wall. And then I'm going to remove the tube from inside the door by sliding back towards the outside away from the hinge part of the door just far enough so I can pull it back a little. And then now go back towards the hinges and remove it completely.

To re install a new door spring, I want a slide that too far enough back, I now have to get the cable in the tour as well, just far enough to where I can actually get it to go in. And then I have to see it there and pull it through as well. I want to slide this tube as far as possible and might not build enough tension there. So I'm going to use my crescent wrench here to just try to build and see how it's snapped into place there you can no longer see those little pins on the inside.

But now I have to take this piece and hook it back into place. So I'm gonna grab this with my crescent wrench, just closing it enough so I can hook into this little piece here at the end. I'm going to let the door come closed and use the door jamb to allow myself to build a little more pressure here and hold this in place just enough to where I can now open the door and get more cable. I'm gonna have to open it with my foot because the other hand is gonna be busy with our players. And I'm gonna use my pliers and I'm gonna hold this as tight as I can because I don't want the spring to go back in. I'm gonna let the door close so that with the other end I can remove the crescent wrench and I should have enough room here to re secure the cable in its attached point right here. Keep an eye on your fingertips and make sure you keep that secure it is a cable and you don't want it to snap back on your fingers.