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How to Install a Light Kit

We'll review how to install a light kit inside of a restroom.


So for a customer ordering a light kit, we're going to place this. First thing I have to do is make sure I put my batteries in there because it's currently empty. Which is simple, same as any TV remote. Just take your batteries, open them up, and place them the correct way. Two, and we can't see the plus sign, there we go. And then we go on this side that's already on and off, on, off. So now secure it. The backside does have this sticky part like the three M tape. We're going to wait a moment. First we want to see where we want to place it inside the restroom.

I will always suggest placing it on something like the paper holder since it has a flatter surface. If you stick it to the wall with the door opening and closing, it might fall off and now it's just going to up in the tank possibly. We are going to make sure the surface is cleaning enough, this is fairly dusty, so if I place it here I want to make sure I'm wiping it off. Now we will pull this sticker, press it down, make sure it works. It’s staying in place. And if you slam the door, it should stay more than it would if it were on a wall.