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How to Install a Lock Kit

In this segment we'll review the correct way to install a hasp kit on a basic restroom.


To begin, we’ll first need to make sure we have all the proper tools handy. This includes a rivet gun, drill, drill bit, and the kit itself. All these items should be in your company issued tool bag. When deciding where to place the hasp, it should always go somewhere near the handle, either just above or just below it. We will then take the smaller of the two pieces from the hasp kit and hold it up to the wall of the restroom where we would like to place it. We’ll then take our drill with a drill bit and use it to mark in the top hole. We’ll then remove the hasp and continue to drill out the hole.

Once the hole is drilled out. We'll grab our rivet gun and slide the rivet through the hasp, press it up against the hole we just made, and squeeze and release the rivet gun until it pops off. Well then grab our drill and drill in the second hole following the same process. Once the hole is made, we'll grab our rivet and rivet gun making sure to hold it at a 90 degree angle and then squeeze, releasing the gun until the rivet snaps off. Once the small piece is attached to the wall, we'll need to attach the second larger piece to the door. To do this we'll hold the piece up to the door and find where it is to be placed by lining it up to the small piece that we just attached. Once we know where to place it will open up the door and keep it propped open with our foot. We’ll now do the same thing we just did with the smaller piece using our drill to mark where the first hole will go and then drilling it out. Once the hole is made, we’ll grab a rivet gun ensuring the gun is at a 90 degree angle and squeeze it until the rivet snaps off. We'll repeat this process for the remaining holes on the hasp. Once all the rivets are in and the hasp is secure, it's ready for a lock.