How to Log In to MobilePak

In this video, we're going to review how to login to the MobilePak app to access your daily work assignments.

To begin, you’ll need to power up your tablet and confirm you’re connected to a wi-fi network. Tablets should automatically connect to a Wi-Fi a network when you’re using them inside the office or when operating in the cab of your truck. If you’re having problems connecting to the network, please see the video titled “How to connect to Wi-Fi”. Once connected, select the MobilePak icon from the tablet’s home screen menu.

After clicking the app, you will be greeted with a login screen. First, verify that the date is correct and then verify you are operating out of the appropriate branch listed under the company property. Remember, all Chicago and Northwest Indiana routes operate under the 50- company code, all Indianapolis and Lafayette routes operate under 54- company code, and all Wisconsin routes operate under the number 58- company code.

Once the appropriate company is selected, choose your name from the driver drop down menu and then your driver number from the vehicle drop down menu. Next, select your driver number once again from the route drop down menu. With these fields properly set, click “login” to access your daily work. Please note, the odometer feature is not being utilized at this point in time, so please leave it blank. Congrats, you are logged in and can now view and re-sequence your daily work as you see fit.