How to Perform a Pre-Trip (Pt 2) - Inside the Vehicle

In this video, we’re going to review how to complete a Service Sanitation Pre-Trip Inspection regarding the parts inside of the vehicle.


To get started, there are a few preliminary things we’ll need to verify before we begin inspecting the truck. We’ll first need to make sure we have our driver’s license, medical card, tablet, phone, and proper PPE. As we approach the truck, we’ll want to check our load sheets and verify that all the proper necessary equipment is loaded up and ready to go. With our VCR in hand, we’ll begin to inspect the inside of the cab.

Inside the Cab

We’ll start with locating the fire extinguisher on the driver side of the vehicle, under the front seat. We’ll need to make sure it’s up to date, and the pressure is in the green. Next, we’ll test the horn on the vehicle and scan the instruments and gauges on our dash to make each is working properly. While in the cab, we’ll also give our windshield wipers a test by spraying a little mist onto the windshield to check the functionality and ensure we have windshield washer fluid in the reservoir. From here, we’ll check our mirrors, looking to see that they’re positioned properly and free of any cracks or damage for safe driving. Next, we’ll look above the driver’s seat to check the vehicle registration and insurance information is indeed inside the vehicle. This is typically located in a green envelope. As we perform our inspection, we’ll note anything that’s broken and/or missing. These issues will need to be rectified before leaving the yard.

With the driver side complete, we’ll now head over to the passenger side of the cab. On this side we’ll find our emergency equipment such as the bottle jack, 4-way wrench, and reflective triangles. There should also be 2 straps on the floor if we’re not already loaded with units. Lastly, if our truck is scheduled to go into BP or O’Hare for the day, we’ll also confirm we have a spill kit on board with all of the necessary parts.