How to Perform an Air Brake Check

In this module, we'll review how to perform an Air Brake Check.


The first thing we need to make sure is that we're on a level surface.  Part of your pre-trip every morning is your air brake inspection on a DOT air brake truck.

We'll start by making sure the air brake is engaged.  Once we have made sure the air brake is engaged, we will start the truck.  After we start the truck, we will listen for the air compressor.  The air compressor should shut off between 100 and 140 PSI. Once it has kicked off, we will shut the truck off and turn it back on to the ON position and all of the lights on the dashboard to show you that it's on. 

We're going to release the air brake and we're going to press and hold while watching the gauge to make sure it doesn't drop more than 3 PSI is a matter of a minute.  After a minute passes, we will fan out the pressure waiting for the alarm to sound around 60 PSI.  The alarm should sound and a light should come on the dash, and we will continue to fan it out all the way until the brake pops. 

If at any point, any of these steps fail, take it to the garage and get it fixed before taking it on the street.  And then we start it up and let the pressure rebuild before we leave.