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How to Repair a Vent Stack

We're going to review how to repair a broken vent stack.

Here we have a broken vent stack on a polyjohn unit that needs to be riveted back into place. The vents are different on satellite and polyjohn units so I will show you a satellite unit next.

First, to repair this vent stack we will need to be sure the old rivet is not in the hole anymore. If removed, we will push the vent through the whole in the roof, and then line the bottom up with the whole in the tank. A good trick is to twist the stack a few times in the whole to get it seated properly. Next, we will need to drill a new whole so that we can put a new rivet in place.

With the new whole drilled, we will take the rivet and tighten the gun like always at a 90% angle. Squeezing a few times until it breaks free. Now it should be fully secured.

On a satellite unit we will follow similar steps. First by sending the end of the stack through the roof of the unit, and twisting the bottom into place. Then we will redrill a whole for our nut, and twist it into place.