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How to Replace a Toilet Seat

In this segment, we'll review the correct way to install or replace a broken toilet seat.



We'll start by gathering our drill, screwdriver, replacement toilet seats, bolts, and nuts. We’ll loosen the old bolts by using the screwdriver and reaching one hand underneath with a glove on to grab the nut. From here we continue removing the bolt by hand with the screwdriver or we can grab our drill making sure it's on the lowest speed setting, set to reverse, and then carefully remove the bolt with the drill.

Once we have removed the old nuts and bolts, we’ll grab the new seat and pop the bolt covers open. We’ll then place the seat on the tank lining up the holes. Next, we'll grab our new bolts and stick them through the holes. Then take the new nuts and hold them underneath, making sure we have a glove on. We'll use our screwdriver to get the process started and then grab our drill, still on the lowest setting possible. We'll then flip it to forward and then carefully drilled the nut and bolt together. We'll be sure to stop when we hear the first sound of resistance on the drill, as the bolt is now tight, and we don't want to strip it. Once both bolts are secured, we can grab our screwdriver and finish tightening by hand. Well then snap the bolt covers back on and the toilet seat is ready to go.