How to Service a Celebrity and Pro Pod Restroom Trailer

In this video, we’re going to review our recommended service procedures for a Celebrity and Pro 600 Restroom Pod.


This process includes dating, restocking, pumping, priming, and wiping.  Please note, this service should always be performed in proper PPE including rubber gloves and safety glasses. 

Date/Sign: Whether servicing the Celebrity or Pro 600 Pod, it's important that we confirm that we were on site to begin.  This proof comes by signing the date sticker. This step is so important that we've included it first on the list because without this simple signature, there's a good chance the customer will call back and request we return to reservice the unit.     

Restock Supplies:  With the date sticker signed, we’ll then want to proceed with restocking the supplies as needed. A simple 2 roll TP dispenser must have a minimum of 1.5 rolls. With each service, we should inspect the soap dispenser and refill it as needed.  Lastly, we’ll want to inspect the inside of the unit for any garbage or debris that may be lying on the floor or countertops.  Please do your best to remove any trash and dispose of it in a nearby dumpster if available.  This includes the contents of the wastebasket located inside the restroom stall.

Pump:  Once we’ve confirmed we were on-site and restocked the supplies, it's time to begin the cleaning process.  First, we’ll head to the backside of the pod to locate the service compartments. 

Celebrity Trailer/Pod: For a celebrity trailer or pod, we’ll unlock and open the two doors for both wastewater and freshwater.  To help tell the two apart, the horizontal door provides access to the waste and the vertical door provides access to the freshwater.  With the doors opened, remove the waste tank and water tank caps. We’ll now head back to our truck and activate our PTO powered suction hose and proceed to pump out any waste within the holding tank.  To do this properly, we may need to angle our wand so it’s able to pump any waste debris that may still be inside the tank.  If the tank is noticeably short of liquids, we may need to use our water hose to rinse free any debris that may have mounded from a lack of water. It’s important that you do your best to pump as much waste as possible from the holding tank to avoid unwanted odors in the future.

Pro-600 Pod:   For a Pro-600 Pod, this process is quite different.  To pump this type of unit, you’ll need to connect your waste hose to the pump-out valve located at the rear of the pod.  Once you’ve locked your hose to the valve you can go ahead and open the valve.  We’ll then head back to the truck to activate the PTO suction.  It’s important to note, that we never open or close the waste valve while the hose is pressurized.  In doing so, this can cause damage to the valve and could cause further leaks from the waste tank.  While the tank is being pumped dry, it’s encouraged that you take your freshwater hose into the pod and squirt water directly into the tank.  In doing so, you’ll be able to make sure any stubborn waste is pumped dry.  Failing to do this, can create mounds of dried waste which will quickly create terrible odors for the customer.  Remember to look down into the waste tank through the bowl, if there is build-up, use the wand to clear it out directly through the toilet. Repeat this process until the tank appears to be empty with no waste inside. 

Freshwater Fill: We’ll then proceed to fill the fresh water tank until it’s full.  Pay attention to water as it fills to prevent overfilling which can cause damage to the unit. Once the waste tank has been pumped, we will slowly disconnect the waste hose with PTO still activated, and our valve open. If we can confirm the waste tank is empty, we can now close the waste valve and deactivate our PTO.  Now that the tank is empty, we can check to see if our freshwater tank is full.  If confirmed, we can disconnect our water hose and replace the caps then head back to the truck to deactivate the truck’s PTO.

Prime: Once the waste tank has been pumped, we’ll need to prime the unit by adding 16-20 ounces of liquid blue. To add the blue to a Celebrity pod just pour the additive directly into the open waste tank on the back of the unit.  For a Pro 600 Pod, we’ll need to open the service door located at the rear of the unit.  Once inside, we’ll see a large 3” cap attached to the top of the stainless-steel waste tank which will allow us access to the waste tank.  We’ll then remove the cap and pour the blue directly into the tank. It’s important that we always add the liquid blue from the back of the restrooms and NOT through the toilet as this can easily stain the toilet seat.

Wipe Down: If our work order specifies janitorial services, we’ll go ahead and clean the toilet bowl using the proper brush and cleaning solution.  Once the toilet bowl has been properly cleaned, we’ll then wipe down the toilet seat, countertops, and other surfaces with a wet towel, removing dirt and debris as necessary.  It’s important to note that we should never spray the inside of a celebrity unit with a water hose or cabana spray.  This will severely damage the unit. 

In the Celebrity, we’ll also want to remove the carpet on the floor if possible and shake it outside the facilities, removing any mud or dust that’s accumulated. These construction-grade restrooms don’t have to be spotless; however, they do need to be presentable. 

Congratulations, you’ve officially learned how to properly service a Celebrity and Pro 600 Restroom Pod.