How to Service a Hand Sanitizer Stand

In this lesson, we'll discuss the proper ways to clean and service a portable hand sanitizer stand.



Proper handwashing is essential for any event, however, running water sinks aren’t always ideal for every occasion. For these situations, the Sani Stand can often be the optimal solution to help bridge the gap. The Sani Stand features four individual hand sanitizer dispensers that are mounted to a lightweight plastic stand that can go just about anywhere.

Locate the Unit on Your Truck

Delivering a Sani Stand is a relatively easy process. To begin, you’ll first need to locate the unit on your truck. Because of its slim design, it’s often transported inside of a basic restroom to help save space. To locate the stand on your truck, you should always refer to your load sheet. Once located, you’ll need to remove it from the restroom and prepare it for use.

Delivering the Sanitizer Stand

To get started, you’ll need to perform a quick visual inspection of the unit to make sure it’s clean and in proper working order. If the unit appears dirty, be sure to give it a quick wipe down so that it presents well to the customer. Once all checks out, you’ll need to load each dispenser with a fresh bag of hand sanitizer solution.

To properly restock the solution, you’ll need to start by pushing in the two clips located on the bottom of the dispenser. After opening, you may find a bag of solution that was installed from the last rental. If this is the case, only replace and restock when each bag is less than 1/2 of the way full.

Once inspected and restocked, give each dispenser a quick pump to ensure its properly primed and in working order. You’ll then repeat this process for each dispenser until you’ve worked your way around the entire unit.

Weigh The Stand Down

One of the key design benefits of a Sani Sink is that it’s lightweight and easy to move. Unfortunately, this also becomes its biggest weakness when out in the field. This is primarily because it’s somewhat top heavy and can tip over from strong winds if not properly weighted down.

To compensate, each Sani Stand has a water fill cap that can be found on its base to add additional support. When delivering the stand, it’s important that you add about 5 gallons of water to its base. Once the base is filled, you can then go about dollying the unit to the customer’s desired delivery location.

Once the unit has safely made the transfer and has been loaded, or unloaded from your vehicle, it’s time to re-secure the bridge for transport. You can do this by, once again, folding the bridge back into its original transport position and re-securing the spring-loaded pin for safety. Be sure to always follow this step and NEVER attempt to move your vehicle with the bridge still hinged over. As you can imagine, this will cause severe damage to the equipment and to the vehicle.

How to Service a Sanitizer Stand

On occasion, you may be required to service or pick up a Sani Stand. Although these types of services are far and few, it will be your job to visually inspect each dispenser and make sure each is working properly. If the dispensers are less than a 1/2 of the way full, you’ll need to restock as needed. You’ll also need to refill the base if the units appear to be somewhat top heavy.

If a pickup is required, you’ll need to first drain the unit by removing the cap at the base and tipping the unit on its side. When doing so, let as much water drain as possible. Once this is complete, the unit will then be light in weight and ready for pickup.