How to Transport a Portable Restroom

In this lesson, we'll show you how to safety load, unload, and transport a portable restroom.


Inspect Path of Travel

Prior to moving any equipment, it’s important that you chart a course and visually inspect the path of travel to avoid any unforeseen obstacles or tripping hazards.

Unloading the Restroom

Once you’ve set a safe course of travel, it’s time to get started.  The process of unloading a restroom from your tailgate or trailer deck is very similar.  You’ll want to begin by sliding the appropriate unit to the closest exit point with the door facing inwards. The exit point should be clear of obstacles and live traffic.

Once it’s positioned on the edge of the deck, exit the vehicle or trailer, and stand about 2-3 ft behind the restroom making sure your feet are clear from the drop.  Firmly grab the unit by the sides and ease it back slowly until it’s center of gravity tips and falls to the ground.  Once the skid hits the ground, you’ll want to utilize your vehicle’s handcart.

Use the Handcart

Each truck within our fleet is equipped with a two-wheel hand cart. Most handcarts can be found mounted to the front of your vehicle and should be used whenever physically possible. Always avoid pushing or dragging the units,as this can cause damage to pavements and early muscle fatigue.

Maintain Your Balance

When transporting a restroom on a handcart, try your best to avoid bending awkwardly and do your best to maintain balance. This can be achieved if you keep your back straight and use your feet to move. If you feel like you’re going to drop the unit,always let it go!

Push, Don't Pull the Restroom

Contrary to popular belief, you should always push a loaded hand cart, not pull it. While it may not seem natural, it’s the safest way to prevent painful back injuries. When pushing, your line of sight can often be blocked,so it’s important to look side to side past the unit as often as possible.  If you need to change direction, steer with your feet,not the trunk section of your body.

Lower the Unit Slowly

Once you’ve reached your final destination, it’s time to safely lower the unit. Like loading the handcart, you’re going to want to maintain your balance without overextending your reach. Always do your best to lower the unit slowly.  This will prevent any embarrassing drops that might draw unwanted attention to you, but remember, if you feel like you’re losing control, always let it go!

Loading the Unit to Your Trailer

When it’s time for a restroom pickup, always do your best to load the unit near the center of the tailgate or trailer deck. This will ensure you have plenty of clearance on both sides and will avoid any hang-ups that could occur. After this step, you’ll want to slowly lower the weight of the unit from the handcart to the vehicle.  You can do this by trying to align the small notch on the underside of the skid to the edge of the deck. This will help it catch better.

At this point, you have a restroom tipped on a 45-degree angle, partially resting on your vehicle and the handcart.  You’ll now want to grab the unit with two hands and lower your center of gravity to maintain balance.  Slowly push forward and up simultaneously, giving it the momentum it needs to clear the deck, while also preventing it from accidentally tipping over. Once loaded on the deck, it’s time to strap the unit for transport.