How to Use the Start/Stop Functions

In this video, we'll review the start and stop process that's required for recording your time onsite.


Now that you’ve made it to your first stop and can see the equipment that needs service, push the green “start” button on your tablet for that corresponding stop. This will automatically time stamp the start time you began the work, notifying dispatch and the customer of the times you were there.

When pushing the start button, you’ll want to make sure you ONLY hit the start button when you’re physically at the desired location and ready to perform the restroom service. Additionally, you’ll need to start the clock on any other services that may need to be performed such as hand sanitizer services, lock kit services, etc. You can start the other services at the same time by toggling back and forth between the work. Once you’ve pushed start, you can then proceed to do the work.

Upon completion of that service, you’ll then return to your truck and hit the “stop” button to disable the timer. This will automatically add a stop time to the account, notifying dispatch and the customer that the work has been completed. Please remember to stop all running timers for the various services you may need to perform. Upon completion, the corresponding stop will then archive, disappearing from your current workload for the day. You can then proceed to the next stop by hitting the map button.

Please note, it’s vitally important that you only hit the start and stop buttons when you’re physically on site as the pinpoint on the map will automatically update the geo location of that stop every time you hit that timer. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t hit the stop button when you’re in the McDonalds parking lot later in the day when stopping for lunch as the geocode of that particular stop will then update to McDonalds, brining you back to that exact location the following week.