Offset Trailer Backing Drill

In this module, we'll review the basics for performing the Offset Trailer Backing Drill.


Our next training exercise is called Offset Backing. To begin, we’ll notice there are three cones aligned along the left side of the truck and trailer. These cones represent our “dock”. There’s also an additional cone about 60 yards in front of us. The objective here will be to pull forward and pass the training cone that is 60 yards in front of the truck. Once we’ve reached that location, we’ll need to put the truck in reverse and steer the trailer diagonally to the other side of the three cones and park straight into the “dock”.

Once the truck and trailer have entered the opposite dock completely, we will move forward again until the rear of the truck and trailer pass the cone that is 60 yards ahead. Now that we are on the left side of the cone, we will repeat this process by backing diagonally so that the rear of the trailer makes its way to the right side of the three cones.

During this exercise, we can get out and look as many times as needed; however, we’ll only be allowed one correction by pulling forward. If you need to correct more than that, we’ll need to pull back into our original starting position. We will continue this exercise multiple times to demonstrate control of the truck and trailer.