How to Perform a Pre-Trip (Pt 3) – The Trailer

In this video, we’re going to review how to complete a Service Sanitation Pre-Trip Inspection on a flatbed trailer. To get started, we’ll need to grab our Vehicle Condition Report.

With our VCR in hand, we’ll begin by looking at the trailers coupling devices, ensuring the hitch, pin, chains, and cotter pin are all properly set up, functional, and have no broken, loose, or missing pieces. It’s also important to make sure any additional locking devices are in place.

Next, we’ll look to the tongue of the trailer where we’ll open the small plastic cap to confirm the trailer has a registration packaged inside. As we make our way around the trailer, we’ll inspect the side rails to make sure all removable bars, chains, and pins are locked into place have no loose, damaged, or missing parts. If a side rail refuses to latch properly, it must be noted on the VCR and repaired before leaving so that it does not fall off during transport. We’ll also check all the lights on the trailer, noting if any are damaged or burnt out. This includes running lights, brake lights, and reverse lights if applicable. Next, we’ll check the spare tire on the rear of the trailer, ensuring it’s inflated properly, with no leaks or tears in the walls, and has adequate tread.

Once we’ve completed our walk around, we’ll want to make sure we have two functional straps for the trailer. If there’s equipment already loaded, both of those straps should be on the rear of the trailer, firmly tighten to prevent anything from falling off during transport. As part of our pre-trip, we’ll want to check those and make sure any slack is tied up accordingly.