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In this video we’ll review our entire fleet of portable sanitation products, giving you a peak into what makes each product unique.

Engineered for convenience, the portable restroom can go just about anywhere, but did you know that not all portable restrooms are created equal? In this video we’ll review our entire fleet of portable sanitation products, giving you a peak into what makes each product unique. They can be rented over a 1-5 day period known as a special event rental or on a monthly basis known as a 28-day routed rental.  

The Basic

We’ll begin our tour reviewing one of our most popular rental items. Introducing our signature Basic Restroom. This unit is equipped with a toilet, urinal, and fully stocked toilet paper dispenser. Although it can come in a variety of different shapes and colors, there are essentially three different types of basic restroom variants in our fleet today. The Event Basic, designated as EB for short, Construction Basic noted as CB, and the Park Basic identified as PB. The differentiator between the three is often noted by the decal on the outside of the unit. Units with the decal like this that read the entire 800-909-5646 number are designated as special events; meanwhile units displaying the phone number as 800-909-JOHN are designated for construction. Park basics are always green in color, so they blend in with more natural environments and contain the JOHN decal. Outside of that, the units are essentially the same. Whenever possible, we always try to prevent special event units from entering construction sites and vice-versa.

Crane Lift

Next up we have our Crane Lift Attachment. This unique rental item is essentially a Construction Basic unit retrofitted with a steel frame so it can be hoisted by way of crane to a roof or more remote location. The steel frame is anchored to the base of the restroom with a large metal washer and cotter pin. Crane Lift units are quite popular with high-rise construction jobs, roofers, and those working in underground tunnels. These items should be inspected upon unit delivery and at every service to verify unit safety. The product code for a Crane Lift unit is CL.

Single Unit Hitch

Like the Crane Lift Restroom, the Single Unit Hitch also contains a Construction Basic, mounted to a small, single axle trailer. The Single Unit Hitch restroom is popular amongst road construction crews, where there is a need to continually move the restroom as the job moves. Besides all the amenities that come with the Construction Basic, the Single Unit Hitch is equipped with reflectors, breakaway chains, and a lowering device. The product code for a Single Unit Hitch is SH.


In recent years, there’s been an increased focus on handwashing, especially in the portable sanitation business. Our Standard Restroom featured here meets that demand with not only a toilet, but a handwash station as well. This unique, built-in sink station encourages proper hand washing and helps cut down on unwanted germs. This restroom is ideal for special events or job sites where hand washing is a must. Standard Restrooms can be easily distinguished by the sticker next to the door that says, “sink inside” or by the blue tape that is often wrapped around the vent stack on the top of the unit. The product codes for the Standard Restroom are CS for Construction Standard and ES for Event Standard.


The Deluxe Restroom is slightly larger than a Basic and Standard Restroom and grey in color. This restroom fuses the best of both the Basic and the Deluxe together, offering a urinal AND built-in sink. Not only that, but the Deluxe Restroom also offers a trash can and a flushing toilet to hide the unsightly waste tank, addressing a common complaint that typically comes with portable restrooms. Deluxe Restrooms are most popular for weddings and other formal special events. The product codes for the Deluxe Restroom are ED for Event Deluxe and CD for Construction Deluxe.


Next up in our fleet is the Handicap Restroom. The Handicap Restroom provides wheelchair access with its oversized interior, flat floor design, and strategically positioned grab rails. To maximize space and accessibility, the Handicap Restroom comes equipped with just a toilet and fully stocked toilet paper dispenser. The product codes for the Handicap Restroom are EH for Event Handicap and CH for Construction Handicap.

ADA Compliant

Our ADA Compliant Restroom is the largest unit in our inventory. Like the Handicap Restroom, it comes equipped with just a toilet and toilet paper dispenser, offers safety bar grab rails on 3 sides, and has an oversized self-closing door. The main difference between the Handicap Restroom and the ADA Restroom is that the ADA Restroom is large enough to complete a 5’ turn radius inside and meets the Federal Requirements for ADA Compliancy. The product codes for the ADA Restroom are CA for Construction ADA and EA for Event ADA.

Baby Changing Station

Mimicking the look and build of a portable restroom, the Baby Changing Station is a offers a private space for parents with small children. The spacious changing station is equipped with a changing table, trash can, and sanitizer dispenser. Baby Changing Stations make great additions to larger, family-friendly special events. The product code for a Baby Changing station is BC.

High Rise

The High-Rise Restroom is specifically designed and engineered for construction sites where space is extremely limited. This restroom features a low-profile design making it easy to load in and out, especially where freight elevators are used. The High-Rise Restroom is equipped with a toilet on the inside and a urinal on the back. This unit can also be retrofitted with a hood to block out the elements as needed. The product code for a High-Rise unit is HD.

Mobile Urinal:

The Mobile Urinal is an easily transportable mobile urinal station that is used on construction sites with limited space. This product is not widely used as much as our other units in the fleet; however, there are rare occasions when you may come across it. The Mobil Urinal offers a fast and efficient option for workers in small spaces. The product code for a Mobile Urinal is MU.

Handwash Stations

Introducing our Handwash Station, made specifically for venues or sites where running water is unavailable. There are quite a few different handwash station models in our fleet; however, our two most popular styles of Handwash include a sleek, blue sink which is most used at special events and a more robust grey sink which you will typically see at construction sites. These self-contained handwash stations are equipped with two foot-operated faucets and basins on each side. The Handwash Station is delivered fully stocked with water, soap, and paper towels. The product codes for handwashes are EW for event handwash and CW for construction handwash.

Sani Stand

Much like the Handwash Station, the Sani Stand washes aware germs in locations where running water may be unavailable. The Sani Stand features four individually mounted dispensers to serve multiple people at once and can be used both indoors and outdoors to cut down on wait lines. Because they provide more than 1,500 uses per stand, Sani Stands are commonly rented by schools, gyms, and large special events. The product code for a Sani Stand is 4S.