Quick Hitter - January


HR Updates - New year, new you?? Each January, we like to remind our staff to update the Human Resources Department with any relevant changes you may have undergone the past year. Things such as an address change, marital status change, new medications, or updates to your emergency contacts are all pertinent information that HR files away to keep you updated and safe. If you need to make any changes to your file, please email teri@servicesanitation.com to do so.

Meth Water Procedure – The change in season calls for change in service procedures. At this point, we should be using the meth water (or salt brine depending on your branch) on our trucks to complete services. Most route trucks have split tanks; this information is noted on the truck list. Before leaving the yard for the day, please make sure both tanks are full. Also note that fresh water should only be used for priming any indoor sinks that may be on your route.

Salt in the urinals: Along with the use of meth water during the winter, it’s also important that we remember to salt the urinals. During a normal service, one scoop of rock salt needs to be added to the urinal. This step adds as a precaution to help keep the units from freezing over until their next scheduled service. You might be wondering, why in urinals and not in tanks? Placing the rock salt in the urinal rather than in the tank acts as a slow-release method. It also shows the customer the unit was serviced properly.

Start/Stop Button: While on route, please remember to press the start button on your tablet when you arrive at a site and then the stop button as you leave. Our customer service and dispatch teams use these time stamps when customers call in asking if or when a unit was or will be serviced. Believe it or not, these calls happen quite frequently, and customers will often use those times to check their cameras to verify that we were onsite. Additionally, the date stickers are incredibly useful in proving a service was completed. Please make sure those are signed, too.

Update Notes and Locations before Vacation: Speaking of routes, it’s important that all drivers make sure that any and all site notes, including placements, contacts, gate codes, times, and so on, are updated on a daily basis, especially prior to going on vacation. This is so that the person completing your route while you’re away has all of the necessary information to perform successful services, deliveries, or pick-ups.