90-Degree Right Hand Turning

In this module, we'll review how to conduct a 90-degree right hand turn.

Our final trailer training module for today will help us master the art of right turns. We will notice that this demonstration is set up with minimal extra space around our vehicle to perform the right turn. This represents a right turn along a narrow street or at a T intersection in more congested areas like cities and residential neighborhoods.

To perform this drill, we’ll drive forward between rows of cones that represent vehicles parked on a roadway. We’ll then pull up to the last cone on our right side and stop the truck as if we are arriving at an intersection. The perpendicular row of cones in front of us represent the curb of the roadway.

We’ll then drive forward and turn right onto the intersecting roadway. While performing this maneuver, we’ll need to observe the truck and trailer swing while also paying attention to how the trailer makes its way past the “vehicles” on the road.

Learning how to master the timing and position of your truck and trailer can play a vital role in helping you avoid unnecessary accidents and/or injuries.