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The Benefits of Daily Services

If you’re planning to rent portable restrooms for a medium to large size event that spans over the course of several days, it’s important you familiarize yourself with the importance of daily services.

What are Daily Event Cleanings?

Daily services are a scheduled inspection of your sanitation equipment such as restrooms, sinks, and sanitizer stands. During these inspections, equipment is pumped, cleaned, restocked, and refilled accordingly. They can be scheduled on all your units, or only certain units as specified by you, the customer. The goal of daily cleanings is to cut down on unwanted sights and odors that could be lingering from the day prior. This in turn shows you value the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene at your event. When scheduling a daily service, please keep these things in mind:


Portable restrooms can be placed almost anywhere, but for daily services, make sure we can get within 30 feet of them with a pumper truck. Place them in areas that aren’t obstructed with barricades, temporary fencing, carnival rides, or any other obstacle that could hinder our drivers from seeing or accessing them.

Avoid Moving:

While moving units into tents or behind buildings after the event has been set up may make things more convenient for festival operators or attendees, it can create opportunities for missed services. Always communicate back to our office if units are moved so we can update maps, ensuring they won’t get missed.

Avoid Soft Ground:

Rain and uncooperative weather are the bane of our existence in the event industry. Rain can quickly create soft ground, creating issues for our 26,000 lb. pumper trucks. Remember, pumper trucks are significantly large than a typical pickup truck and they’re extremely heavy from all the water weight.

To avoid mud ruts, expensive sod repairs, and the chance of your restrooms not getting cleaned, always place your restrooms on solid ground where pavement is nearby. If not, we may be unable to perform mid-day services (or even a pickup) until the ground dries.


Daily services can be scheduled almost any day and time. Most event planners will choose to schedule these services in the early morning (some as early as 1-3am) to ensure that units are cleaned before guests are scheduled to arrive again. These types of services will need to be scheduled well in advance so we’re able to staff accordingly.


Should you have questions on the number of restrooms your event requires or how to schedule the right amount of service, consider contacting a member of our event sales team for guidance.