Troubleshooting a Laundry Trailer

In this video, we’ll review what to do if a washer or dryer isn’t working, if there’s no heat in the dryers, if there’s low water pressure, or if a trailer tire needs to be replaced.

Washer/Dryers Not Working

If you find yourself in a situation where an individual washer or dryer isn’t working, we’ll need to check the electrical connections to ensure there isn’t a blown fuse. As we do this, it’s important to note that each washer and dryer inside the trailer shares the same circuit as the unit that sits directly across from it. Circuit 1 powers the lights in the trailer, circuit 2 powers the HVAC, and circuits 3-8 power each an individual washer and dryer unit.

For example, if number dryer 6 isn’t working, we’ll check to see if washer 6 located directly across from it is working. If both units are non-functional, we’ll know we have a circuit problem and will need to check the electrical panel to see if breaker number 8 has tripped. If washer 6 is working, but dryer 6 is not, we’ll then need to check the power cable on that individual unit to see if the issue lies within the cord. If all checks out there and dryer 6 is still not working, you’ll need to call Service Sanitation at 800.909.5646 for more help diagnosing the issue.

No Heat in Dryers

If the dryers are experiencing lack of heat, we’ll need to check the propane located on the front of the trailer. First, we’ll need to make sure the propane tanks are indeed on. If they’re on, check to see if the switches are pointing to the appropriate tanks. Next, we’ll need to make sure the tanks full. If the tanks are empty, we’ll need to contact a local propane supplier for a recharge.

Low Water Pressure

If the washing machines are experiencing low water pressure, we’ll first need to make sure our water supply if full and adequate pressure is coming into the trailer. Once the pressure is confirmed, we’ll need to check the water filter in the back of the trailer, as it might be time to change the filter.

To change the water filter, we’ll open up the back of the trailer and locate it on the back wall. To replace the filter, we’ll need to shut the water supply off and use the black filter tool to remove the filter canister. We’ll then remove the old water filter and pour out any residual water from inside. We’ll then grab a new filter out of the black box, place it back into the canister. Next, we’ll resecure the cap and turn the water supply on again. Lastly, we’ll need to push the button on the top a few times to bleed the air out of the line and re-establishing the correct amount of water pressure.

Flat Tire

If the Laundry Trailer experiences a flat tire at any time, there is a spare tire located on the tongue of the trailer. Like the other locks, the code to open the padlock is 0135. Simply change the tire and all should be good to go.

Broken Machines or Other Issues

If you experience any other issues or broken equipment, please reach out to Service Sanitation at 800.909.5646 for further help. Additionally, there are spare parts for both the dryers and washers available inside the back of the trailer that any local repair technician can use to fix should you have any issues with the machines.